Pete Starr
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Pete Starr – MD & Founder

Chilli Pepper Development Ltd

Pete has 20 years within the sales industry and has practical experience of sales, sales leadership and people development within the profession. Working across a range of industries and sectors including FMCG and Industrial Engineering, he has demonstrated consistent skills in understanding, navigating and implementing sales strategy into many organisations.


Chilli Pepper was created from Pete’s fundamental belief that people within an organisation are critical to every aspect of organisational success. Recognising, utilizing and maximising that potential has been his passionate consultancy work for the last 5 years. He has a specialist focus within Behavioural Sales and Sales Leadership to understand why people do (or do not) behave in certain ways.


Pete is an accredited trainer and Strengthscope© practitioner, has written papers for the Business Expert Press and has close ties with various Universities encouraging graduates into the Sales Profession.

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