Lauren Cartigny
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Lauren Cartigny

COO at Sales Confidence

Lauren is COO at Sales Confidence, London’s fastest growing community uniting B2B SaaS sales professionals to share best practices with their peers, in a quest to elevate the Sales Profession.


After spending 10+ years selling tech infrastructure, working for hyper-growth companies like Rackspace and Equinix; Lauren joined LinkedIn Sales Solutions in the very early days of Sales Navigator being launched in Europe. Being bi-lingual in French, she was responsible for global strategic accounts managed from Paris, to scale and implement global sales transformation programs for companies like AXA, BNP Paribas, Société Générale and CapGemini. Lauren consulted C-level Sales and Marketing leadership on the challenges and benefits of implementing change management associated with the adoption of sales technologies.


As a Leadership Coach and founder of Coaching Confidence, a trusted community of professional coaches, Lauren is currently building a learning & development membership for the Sales Confidence community to support Sales Leaders.

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