Dave Reynolds
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Dave Reynolds

CEO at Venture Agenda and Partner at SEED.VC

David is the CEO of Venture Agenda where he leads strategy and business development.


Venture Agenda supports large companies to prepare, engage and decide on emerging technologies and early stage businesses (start-ups and scale-ups).


Before founding Venture Agenda with his business partner Tom Sutton, David was Head of Digital Innovation and Ventures for Grant Thornton UK, a division created to deliver digital solutions and early-stage venture collaborations.


For over 6 years prior to that, he was also a key member in the corporate development and strategy function of Reed Business Information (RELX Group PLC) where he led innovative organic business initiatives across the UK, Europe and US, which resulted in the creation of new data and analytics solutions for the maritime, aviation and banking sector.


Additionally, he was also an early employee of the successful online recruitment business, Totaljobs Group where he led digital marketing initiatives to drive the growth of traffic, product and new business strategies.

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